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The Fantastic Yet Humble Rose

Making our popular vitamin C eye treatment starts with the humble, yet remarkable rose. We grow a couple of heritage and native Ohio varieties that not only produce spectacular blooms, but also provide us and of course the birds with wonderful seed pods known as rose hips.

Rosehips are full of Vitamins C, E, and B – along with other antioxidants minerals, like the substance in the part of the fruit that fights inflammation. The oil can be extracted for different uses, as it’s a natural retinol because it contains natural retinoic acid. The kind of vitamin A found in rosehip oil is more beneficial than retinol on its own. This is because your skin will recognize it straight away, so it won’t need the time to convert.

We collect and dry blossoms when they are in abundance and then split the hips with the birds for the winter…they need their vitamins too!

We combine these ingredients with natural oils and steep them to extract all the goodness that becomes our eye treatment. Once this mixture steeps for a few weeks, it will be strained and combined with a smidge of beeswax and will be ready for our ravenous customers!

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