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Eco Friendly Product Testing


Part of our work at Verdigris is seeking out products that make our lives easier and do so with the planet in mind.  We all understand that paper towel isn’t the best choice for much of the household and business cleaning we have to do, but it does work well for certain kinds of messes.  Washcloths do not absorb spills as quickly or as efficiently as we would like.  Nor do they work well for kitchen cabinet cleaning when there is grease, dust or pet hair; they spread the mess around and usually make it worse.

Recently, I came across a potential solution.  I know that the Swedish dish cloth isn’t terribly new, but it is new to me.  I wanted to try them, but I found that most of the materials that are used are new materials rather than recycled or diverted from the waste stream, that isn’t ecologically friendly!  However, when I saw the Evriholder Eco Friendly Reusable dishcloths in the store, I stopped and looked!

These clothes are made from cotton and wood pulp that is diverted from the waste stream while other products are being used, utilizing our natural resources more effectively.  But the real test is how do they stack up in use.  These clothes claim to work like a dishcloth, but also absorb like a sponge.  In addition, they claim to be hand washable (not machine or dishwasher safe) and will last about 6 months….that would help us avoid the use of a lot of paper towels and clean more effectively!

The video in the post shows the absorbency test, it worked great!!!  I also used them to clean my cook side kitchen cabinets, they worked a treat, they removed the grease and schmutz and didn’t spread anything around!  Once completed, I used a little of our solid dish soap to clean the cloth and hung it to dry!  I think we have a great new addition to our cleaning arsenal!


NOTE:  This is not a sponsored post, I bought the product myself.  It was not gifted, nor discounted in order to be featured on this page!

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