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On The Hunt For Trees!

The weather has been very changeable lately. Every Spring day in Central Ohio is a toss up weather wise so we take advantage when it is beautiful out. Well that is just what I did the other day. I am in the process of editing and laying out a new book and I am including two tree species as resources in the book, so I needed some photographs of these trees. I know they are not leafed out or flowering at this point, but I wanted to find out where I can photograph them when THEY are ready. I decided my first stop should be to the Chadwick Arboretum!

Chadwick Arboretum is a 62 acres arboretum on the Agriculture campus of Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio, United States. The main arboretum collection is located just across Lane Avenue from the Schottenstein Center with its other collections nearby. The arboretum is open daily without charge.

The arboretum proper contains roughly 1,000 trees representing over 120 species that grow throughout Ohio, with special collections of conifers and willows.[1] As of 2005, it contained one Ohio State Champion tree, Abies cephalonica.

The arboretum also includes a Learning Garden and specialized gardens for annuals, hostas, perennials, roses, and wildflowers. Taken together, these gardens represent one of the most varied collections of flora in the state, with good selections of native Ohio plants, perennials, tropical plants, wildflowers, woody plants, and more than 400 cultivars of annuals.

The arboretum also is home to an interesting labyrinth that is a destination for people on the winter solstice. Crowds of people walk the labyrinth and celebrate the season each December!

While I didn’t have the luck I hoped locating the two tree species, I had a marvelous day out in the warmth and sunshine and that is just as good as getting the photos! Onward!

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