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New Years Day Nature Walk and Location Scouting

Will and I always take a nature walk on New Year’s Day. It is a tradition I have held for most of my life and something Will and I have done since the beginning of our relationship 12 plus years ago. I follow the adage of “Begin the year how you intend to spend it”; I intend to spend time in nature as it feeds my soul and does wonders for my body and my mental health. We visited a new park (for us) this year. Inniswood Metropark is in the Westerville suburb of Columbus and boasts a beautiful array of gardens and woods to explore. We were bowled over by the amount of American Beech trees in the wooded areas of the park as we walked along the boardwalk! We also visited to scout locations for filming our upcoming series on herbal living. Inniswood has a beautifully crafted and planted herb garden that I feel will make a terrific spot to film content for the series and I will be scheduling time to visit as the weather permits! Enjoy these pictures from our walk and for more information on Columbus area metroparks, visit

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