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New Product Testing

As any business person will tell you that you need to constantly innovate to grow your business, at Verdigris, we are no different. As we create products, we are usually looking to improve them at a later date. This winter, we are developing three new products; a reformulation of our facial mask with French green clay that is more shelf stable, with a creamy texture and better spreading ability, a facial balm cleanser that will melt make up, remove dirt and leave skin ultra hydrated. Finally, after about 5 years of folks requesting it, a lip balm.

For this product, I wanted to wait until I had the right idea, the right herbs and the utterly correct recipe. This is our first hybrid product for both the Botanicals (self care) and Apothecary (health and wellness) lines as it combines the moisturization of a lip balm with the powerhouse herbs and super foods of lemon and lemon balm. Lemon balm is a marvelous herb that helps with healing lip issues, from ingrown hairs to cold sores. It is a marvelously versatile herb and I was very excited to include it in this product.

When it comes to product testing, the answer is simple; 1, don’t put anything in products that will harm people and 2,never test on anyone or any creature but yourself and those trusted by you.

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