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Herbal Road Trip!

For half of January, our water in the house was down to a trickle…we were not happy campers, but that is what happens when there are subzero temperatures and ancient municipal facilities.  We filled gallon jugs and boiled water to cook and to bathe and just got on with it.  Fortunately, last weekend the posted they would be working on getting us reconnected, so I immediately wanted to get us out of town!  ROAD TRIP!

I have wanted a countertop herb garden for a while, it is difficult, however, given the orientation of the windows and the fact that the cats have dominion over the windowsills.  Regardless, I want what I want so off we went to select some plants for the countertop garden to compliment and supplement the aerogarden we installed a week ago…there is only one place to get the best plants, and that is Companion Plants!

Companion Plants is an internationally recognized herb nursery established in 1982 and located in the scenic rolling hills just outside Athens, Ohio. They offer over 600 varieties of common and exotic herb plants including medicinal, culinary, ceremonial, aromatic, butterfly, fiber, and dye plants as well as over 200 varieties of seed, most of which they grow ourselves using environmentally friendly methods.  Companion plants has been my go to herb supplier for over 20 years.  I first bought plants via mail order after learning about them on Martha Stewart Living television.  Then about 15 years ago, I started visiting every spring for new plants to add to my herb gardens.  During the pandemic, we couldn’t visit and this is the first visit back.  Definitely not the last!

With our plants in hand, we had lunch at a great local restaurant and visited White’s Mill (another Athens Destination) and had a surprise run in with some of our friends.  It was delightful to see them and catch up!  Once home, I potted up the herbs in some gorgeous Guy Wolff flower pots (yes, I am that bougie at heart).  Once potted, my husband helped me repurpose one of my seedling grow lights to provide supplemental illumination to the plants!  Here’s hoping for many happy harvests of culinary and medicinal herbs directly from our apothecary!

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